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Color Stone Ring and Gemstone Jewellery

Color Stone Ring and Gemstone Jewellery

Diamond ring usually comes as gift for some special person, who knows, you might be that person today. As there are several types of diamonds are crowding the diamond market, we carefully selected some stylish diamond rings which go under the category of color stone ring and gemstone jewelry.

Because selecting a perfect model is often a difficult task as there are so many choices out there in the market. So, we came forward with the firsthand knowledge of our selection of diamond ring only to cut down your hassle.

Here, we will get to know four different model and designs of diamond rings. When we hear something plain, we often think it as normal or ordinary. But you know what, the plain sometimes can be very lucrative in both look and style. 7472R is a solitaire plain oval cut color stone ring for women.

The design is too sleek. It holds a crown on the top of the ring. And in the center of the crown, there is a purple-colored synthetic gemstone. This is going to catch you as it is quite elegant. This model surprisingly comes very cheap in a silver metal body.

We don’t think that wearing a queen’s jewelry for a day won’t be a crime. Well, we are not going to do that, rather we better introduce you with the Royale Designer Color Stone Ring for Women model no. 7465C. The ring is fully round like a circle.

The majority area is craftily designed.  The maker flawlessly put each colored stone on the crafted area. The stones are colored and synthetic gemstones. It indeed has a Royale attire – the whole aura itself talks of queenly manner. You will love this model, for sure.

If you think that you wish to put a different ring on your lovely finger, then we also have most beautiful heart shape color tone ring for women and the model no. is 7444R. It has giant heart shape dark green colored stone right in the center – the very beauty of this ring.

It further has two different rounds of edges around the heart shape.  These rounds areas are fully and finely covered with so many synthetic gemstones. This is a perfect little diamond ring for a perfect lady. The body is made of pure silver metal and comes in less than a grand.

The last collection, we have for you is the Royale Blue Color Stone ring for women model no. 7408R. The ring holds and eye-catching blue colored synthetic gemstone in the center of the ring. The blue color is too crystal and too candid.

The side area also has some more clear synthetic gemstone. The round body of the ring carries smaller gemstones. In the center, it looks like a three-headed ring, holding one giant blue stone and two plain color gemstones as well.

If you wish to place and order, we can easily deliver your order within Canada and United States of America. Moreover, our website is user-friendly yet if you find any difficulty to find your favorite model, please use the model no. on search bar. You will get your expected search result.

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