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Emerald Cut Diamond Pendant 7508P

Emerald Cut Diamond Pendant 7508P

We know that you are here for the grandiose emerald-cut diamond pendant. But for some reasons, you haven’t decided which cut of the pendant to pick.

Don’t worry!!

Relax, we will put you in the RIGHT WAY to find the best quality emerald-cut pendant.

Emerald Cut Diamond Pendant 7508P mostly attracts young people. If you’re planning to make a gift to your lovely young lady, you can go for it without giving a second thought of it. She’d love this unique piece of jewelry for sure.

How to recognize an Emerald Cut Diamond?

The emerald cut diamond appears to be the extended and rectangular in shape. It has a chiseled step cuts and linear slant, which is a parallelly ordered surface down the stone. Emerald cut diamonds are usually cropped in the corners for its protections from being side bruised. Emerald cuts originally offer the clarity of the diamond itself for the size and brilliant shape. People usually go for the rectangular shape of emerald cut diamond as it is quite popular, yet you can go for square size as well. It is big and bulky in size with the beauty of finest jewelry.

What makes EMERALD CUT DIAMOND PENDANT 7508P so Special?

There are several things to consider to call Emerald Cut Diamond as special. First of all, it is an emerald cut diamond pendant which gives this piece of jewelry a finest abundant size with the glittering beautiful nature, filled with natural hue all over. Let’s find out more.

  • Design: The design is impeccably magnificent. The shape of the rectangular emerald cut diamond is positioned right in the center, holding the chief role of this glorious piece of ornament.
  • Color: The color is natural violet both eye-soothing and eye-catching. The hue is so bright of the giant diamond. The side and the entire border of the body hold the hand-picked matching color. Emerald Cut Diamond Pendant 7508P is also available in rose, white, and yellow color as well.
  • Quality: There’s no question of the quality as it is made of pure metal. The metal is available in silver, gold, and platinum. So, you can make your pick from any of the types you wish.

Pick your Mark for Emerald Cut

You have the multiple choice whenever you want to pick your emerald-cut pendant. You can choose either silver or, gold or, platinum. But if you decide to go for the platinum pendant, the weight will be 20.13 gr with the availability in 10K, 14K, and 18K.

We recommend you to choose emerald cut pendant from your own choice. Lilly diamond jewelry currently offers the best deal on this piece of gorgeous ornament. We have this piece for both men and women. You don’t have to be young to wear it or make a gift to. It doesn’t matter, even if you’re old, this will fit anyone. And this piece is so special as Lilly Diamond Jewellery gave this emerald cut as latest fashion design.

If you’re buying from USA or Canada and want it delivered to, you will get the best delivery experience from us. Good luck with the shopping.

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